Carla Gugino Nude

Cute n’ sexy and on our TV and movie screens since the late 80s, Carla Gugino has achieved fame without the superstardom, despite being the leading lady of some of our A-list leading men, like Nicolas Cage in “Snake Eyes”, and Robert Downey Jr. in “The Singing Detective”.  But hey, that’s fine with us.  That means we get to see Carla Gugino star in movies without having to see her stalked by the paparazzi because of too much notoriety.  She’s hot while being low-key, which is why we’re shouting out to the world our love and lust for this lovely Hollywood star.

If you’re here with us, then you probably feel the same way about her, and you want to see more of Carla Gugino nude as much as the rest of her fans.  Thankfully that’s no pipe dream as Carla isn’t afraid of shedding her clothes for a good role, like a prostitute in “Sin City“.  This Florida-born honey also played a down-on-her-luck blackjack dealer turned stripper in the indie “The Center of the World”.

Carla started out as a model when she was discovered, at the age of 15, by a representative of the Elite modelling agency in San Diego, where she was living.  She went to New York to work, but had a hard time in the industry with her height of 5’4″, so she moved to LA to live with an aunt of hers who used to be a game show spokesmodel.  That aunt advised her to try acting, and she soon landed guest roles on various TV sitcoms like “Who’s The Boss?” and “Alf”.  Her career grew steadily, moving from TV guest roles to movie roles, until she had her first leading lady role opposite Pauly Shore in “Son in Law”.

More TV movies and film roles followed, until she was cast opposite Michael J. Fox on TVs “Spin City”, but her role was written off the show after the first season.  She would return to TV again on the last season of “Chicago Hope”, as well as the lead in her own show as “Karen Sisco”, a character based on the character Jennifer Lopez played in “Out of Sight”.  A stint as a L’Oreal spokeswoman also brought her back to modelling during the 90s.

Carla Gugino’s movie career has been doing great lately, with parts in “The One” with Jet Li, “Night at the Museum” with Ben Stiller, “American Gangster” with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, and the Pacino-DeNiro flick “Righteous Kill”, as well as the upcoming summer blockbusterWatchmen” and Disney’s “Race to Witch Mountain” with The Rock.  It’s the “Spy Kids” franchise that she may be most known for on the silverscreen though, having been in all three movies of the series, as parents of the lead actors, opposite Antonio Banderas.

As all of us fans know, Carla’s had a pretty successful career, without selling out to the cult of celebrity.  So what better place to get together and wait for more of her movies to come out than on Carla Gugino NudeRaunchier roles and more skin are surely in her future, because she’s one actress who can mix family flicks with serious indie films…