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August 10th, 2016 by J

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Naughty American actress, Carla Gugino let’s loose with a co-star while trying on suits for her new show. They were teasing each other about a scene they were practicing for until they ended up in the cozy walk-in closet and their teasing rituals got out of hand and started going a bit kinky. Their roles took on another level as they eventually found each other’s hands and tongue all over the other’s naked body. Gugino can’t resist the hard cock getting slapped on her face and started sucking on it and took it inside her wet cunt. They no longer practice their lines, instead, they made their own version of a Howard Stern sex talk while banging rough on cam! Works wonders, Gugino says, as their adrenaline took them to a new level of high after reaching orgasm, which made them memorize their lines faster.

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April 5th, 2016 by J

When she was younger, Carla Gugino says she felt like she lived two childhoods given the fact that her parents separated when she was only two years old. She would travel back and forth, to her mother’s place and then to her father’s semi-charmed lifestyle described as a beautiful house with a tennis court and swimming pool. Must have been cool if this were the case because it seemed like she didn’t have a tough time living both worlds because she actually enjoyed the variety. This set up eventually became a huge part of who she is today. It did somehow gave her a different view on what her relationship would be with someone special. She is with a ‘significant other’ for over 10 years now to just one lucky man but they aren’t the marrying-settling down type. Carla must’ve been traumatized in a way, the outcome of her parents’ split during her tender age but wouldn’t admit it. Her choices in life clearly depicts the effect of the long-term differences of the way her folks lived. She wouldn’t give in to marriage and says she likes the fun that comes with just being girlfriend boyfriend, like it’s no biggie if they so choose to part ways too. No kids, no problem as well. And I did mention her desire of variety, yeah?

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Well, she and her partner are both like this and it follows that they both like the same when it comes to choosing persons to go wild with in the bedroom. Carla somewhat confessed it’s probably one of the major reasons why they are still together and that their bond just keeps getting stronger each year. They consider themselves as swingers and constantly spend time with other people who has the same kind of sexual pleasures for their sessions to come out exciting and adventurous. While Carla has a successful career, getting busy meeting people, dealing with them on a daily basis and getting all worked up, she finds time for play with her partner or some of their acquaintances. This video is one proof of her hardcore playtime session. If you were her lover, you’d never let her go too, I assure you. Eating cunts and finger-banging them, having her pussy licked and played with by another chick, satisfies her as much as when she gets fucked by a throbbing cock.

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September 26th, 2010 by LimaBean

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Who here doesn’t think that Carla Gugino is hot? Nobody? Good. Because you have got to be out of your fucking mind if you don’t think that Carla Gugino is one hot fuckable vixen! I mean, look at her! She’s got to be one of the hottest actresses to come out of Hollywood. Of course, we all know her from the hit movies Watchmen and Sin City. Carla Gugino is on a different level of sexy and it only takes one glance at her to see why!
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Carla Gugino, who’s probably of Italian descent, is a full-figured vuluptuous hottie! Just look at her! She has a face that’s both strong and soft, firm and gentle! She has a hot pair of superior tits, a trademark of Italian chicks. She has a tight, well-toned ass that begs to be spanked all day long and I beg that she’s got a pussy that’s so pink and so tight, I’d fuck her until the break of dawn! I am not kidding: Carla Gugino gets me off and I worship her. Good thing, I can always check to out these hot naked pics of Carla Gugino.
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April 23rd, 2010 by LimaBean

Now we’re all aware that Carla Gugino likes to show off her sexy body and even perform hardcore sex acts for the camera, so it shouldn’t be a surprise for us to find Carla getting some anal action done with a hard glass dildo!  I guess being fucked from one of the room to another just isn’t enough for this lusty Italian brunette, now she’s gotta take up the slack by pleasuring herself.  I mean, just how much sex does a girl need?  Carla obviously needs a lot of it, and we’re pleased as punch that she takes the time to document every step of her prurient ways and erotic escapades.

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July 20th, 2009 by LimaBean

Carla Gugino is a model in many ways. Of which, two are important to us horndogs. First, Carla Gugino has been a runway model since she was 15. With that hourglass figure and legs the length of bamboo stalks, she has dazzled designers and fashion enthusiasts at such a young age. Second, Carla is a model to all women when she let herself be photographed as she is fucking. Finally, a girl with some sense! Listen up women of the world: take it from Carla! Get photographed while fucking, post the pictures in the internet, and grant the wishes of the billions of horny bastards who do nothing but sit in front of their computers, searching for the latest in cheap porn!

While we would be certainly content to see pictures of Carla Gugino naked, she has gone one step further to  make horny bums happy. Her nice tits, curvy body, and delicious pussy are enough to make me drool, but to see her fucking just drains my saliva! I need water now. Oh wait, Carla’s pussy juice from all that fucking could provide me with better refreshment! But that’s asking for too much.

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February 12th, 2009 by LimaBean

We’ve always thought that Carla Gugino had the potential to become a really smokin’ hot sex symbol, and now we’ve got a photo that shows we were right all along.  You’ve seen Carla Gugino show her naked body before, and I’m sure you’ve licked your lips with lust at that sight, but now you’re definitely going to cream yourself as Carla Gugino is caught by the cameras engaging in some sizzling hot hardcore sex!  And she’s not just participating in some ordinary fuck session, either.  Just take a look at Carla’s sexy body and juicy breasts straining against the ropes tied around her body and you’ll realize that this babe has got a nice, hot kinky streak in her.  She knows how to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, this chick does, and that just makes our fantasies about her even hotter, doesn’t it?  Another pic from another one of her fuck sessions shows her splattered with cum, which she’s licking up as it drips down that lovely face of hers.  Now that image is definitely a dream come true, and an incentive to save a whole lot of jizz for her, or even for her image on your screen!

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February 12th, 2009 by LimaBean

We’ve come across two photos of Carla that show her versatility, even while nude!  We all know that Carla’s a talented actress who can take on serious roles in dramas like Wayne Wang’s digital film “The Center of the World” starring Peter Sarsgaard and Molly Parker.  And on the other hand, she’s also best known for being a spy-mom in the family-friendly series of “Spy Kids” kids movies.  That shows that she can move between the commercial and the arthouse worlds of film, which brings us to these nude pics of hers.  And they show everyone that she can effortlessly shed her clothes and show us her sweet titties and smooth slit whether it’s in a hot, dry desert, or while being drenched with water in a temperature-controlled studio.  Well, isn’t that more impressive than her acting range?  I thought so.  When it comes to Carla Gugino, I’m sure we’re all going to be on the same page about her naked body — that it looks great wherever and however she decides to bare it.  A cutie like her just ought to do more of it is all I’m saying, right?

Well, there’s actually a lot more of Carla Gugino nude that you can enjoy, and you can do it by clicking on that link back there.  This sexy and beautiful actress has been showing off her naked body more and more lately, and I’m tingling with excitement at what else she’ll decide to do in the future…

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February 12th, 2009 by LimaBean

Before becoming an actress and starring in dozens of shows and films from the late 80s until today, Carla Gugino started out as a model at the tender age of 15, though she eventually left the field after becoming disillusioned with it after moving to New York to work.  She eventually went back to doing some modelling when she became famous as an actress, becoming a spokesperson for L’Oreal hair products.  That may be what this ad was shot for, though I don’t see the connection between jumping in the pool and great hair.  And of course nipples, who can ignore the nipples?  That’s definitely all that sticks in the brain after looking away from these pictures — Carla Gugino’s cute face and her nipples showing through her tank top as she plays around with the photographer underwater in the pool.

Now you know which Hollywood star you should invite to your next pool party, don’t you?  Bet you didn’t know Carla Gugino could be such fun, especially if you’re familiar with her because of her more serious and intense roles.  Well, you should check out this site if you want to see Carla let loose even more, having fun in even more raunchy and naughty ways!